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City Folks is a forum made for the Nintendo Wii game 'Animal Crossing: City Folk.'
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 About Credits

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PostSubject: About Credits   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:30 pm

What are Credits?
You could call Credits "Forum Money." What I mean is that you can pretty much buy forum related items with forum credits.

How do I get Credits?
You are only a few ways to get credits.
Option 1: Post in a topic. (5 Credits)
Option 2: Make a thread. (10 Credits)
Option 3: Graphic Shop. ((Read the 'What do the Credit Items do?' section for more information.)

What can I get with Credits?
Forum Suggestion (50 Credits)
Signature (100 Credits)
Custom Group (125 Credits)
Custom Rank Color (150 Credits)
In-Game Shop (150 Credits)
Custom Rank Image (175 Credits)
Topic Sticky for 7 days (200 Credits)
Graphics Shop (250 Credits)
Forum Contest (250 Credits)
Announce your Topic (500 Credits)
Website Advertisement (1000 Credits)
Ultimate Forum Pack (1500 Credits)

What can I get with Credits?
Forum Suggestion: You can make a suggestion to the forum. Such as New Background!, More Smileys!, More Awesome!, etc.

Signature: A signature is something that will come below your post. You can have Words, Images, links (you can not advertise your website) and so on.

Custom Group: A custom group is like a clan or guild. You can recruit as much members to the group as you want. And guess what, it's only 125 Credits!

Custom Rank: You can get your own custom rank for only 150 Credits. (Such as Administrator, Global Moderator, and Member.)

In-Game Shop: An In-Game Shop is a shop in the game Animal Crossing where you can sell stuff you have for bells. It's like you're an Online Tom Nook!

For a 175 Credits, you can get a Custom Rank Image like this:

Topic Sticky for 7 days: The topic you want to be sticky'd at the top of the forum. So it will still be at the top of the forum even though people don't reply to it. Like this thread.

Graphics Shop: The Graphics Shop is a unique way to get points. If you are good at making graphics/images, why not spend 250 Credits on your very own shop? You can other members give you however much credits you want for an image. That amount of points must remain the same until you have at least reached a minimum of 10 requests.

Forum Contest: For a total of 250 credits, you can hold your own forum contest. You must first speak with a staff member until he allows you to create the thread first. Give the staff member details about the contest. Fill out this form and send it to the admin.
What is the Contest?
Describe the Contest.
What's the Prize?
If Credits, how many credits will the winners get?
Whats the Start Time/Date and the End Time/Date?

Announce your topic: For 500 Credits you can talk to a staff member about putting your topic in the 'announcements' forum.

Website Advertisement: If you talk to a staff member about advertising a site, you will have to give up 1000 Credits to advertise your website on the side of the website.

Ultimate Forum Pack: This includes everything besides Website Advertising for only 1500 Credits! It would cost you 1925 Credits!
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About Credits
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